We are a company focused in audiovisual, film and photography productions, passionate about creating amazing contents that make “click” with your target audience.

We strive on bringing the best for our clients, no matter brand, size or budget, making sure that your idea looks unique and innovative. Our experienced and award winning team will guide through the whole process, adding those details to take your product and services to the next level.

Belfort is a full service production house, we take care of everything and everyone. Our services includes:

  • Script and Storyboard

  • Casting and talents

  • Locations and permits

  • Contracts

  • Equipment and gear
  • Production & shooting

  • Post productions & VFX 

  • and more.


Besides our recognized production and equipment services, we are a creative boutique able to take care of the whole branding process, this includes: idea development, advertisement campaign design, media buyer services, logo and marketing materials, digital marketing and social media management. 


Strategies to bring your product and services to the next level. Motivate and satisfy your audience demands, stand out and ensure credibility and loyalty. 


Vast experience in brand developement and brand positionaing inside and outside US market. Our team is constantly updating knowoledge on consumer demands and market trends.


Optimize your presence on social media, billboards, magazines, newspapers TV and radio platforms. Our staff will guide and support your brand in order to reach more and better.

In Belfort productions all our areas join together to provide the best response for customer requirements. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to make it good, let us work for you

Belfort Productions communicate with purpose...your purpose.!

Our own equipment also for rent. HMI, Tungsten, Kino Flo and LED, cameras, dollies and grip. Take a look on our 3 ton Trailer Pack
(all included and ready to shoot)



Rubén in a few words is experience and reliance, an open book in all aspects of audiovisual industry. Countless hours of filming at the most demanding scenarios. What’s next? let’s talk to Ruben. 

  • More than 900 Tv Ads
20 Video Clips
+ 12 documentaries

  • 10 short films

  • 7 Movies

  • 5 TV Shows 

  • 3 TV Series


Professionalism all the way. Suzy manages all aspects from idea through delivery of contents, takes care of all those little details that make a big difference in every proyect. Large experience in Latin America and US hispanic market backup Suzy’s profile.

Do not mess with Suzy, she will push everyone to work and hard until get the perfect product.