Rental procedures

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+ Pick up/unloading hours: 6:10 am – 8:30 pm

+ Belfort Productions works all week.
+ Send us an email to
+ Write about the expected dates of rent and locations
+ Long-term rates are available
+ Specials discounts for students are available

+ Please reserve your equipment well in advance to ensure availability. If any item you need does not appear in our catalog or website, please inquire with us


General Conditions:

+ Belfort Productions tests carefully the equipment and these are rented in excellent conditions for a perfect performance.
+ Belfort Productions will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind caused by negligence or wrong practices.
+ The client/lessee agrees to return equipment according to the day specified for return.
+ In case of delay in the return of the Equipment, the daily rate during the period of delay will be the half of daily rate specified in current Rental Price List.
+ The client/lessee agrees to protect our equipment from weather and other affections.
+ The client/lessee agrees to provide competent staff to operate our equipment.
+ The client/lessee agrees to return our equipment in good condition as received.
+ Any damage or loss to our equipment during rent, is entirely responsibility of lessees.
+ For this reason, the lessees agrees to cover the complete costs of repairs or replacement in case of loss or total damage.


Trucks Packages:

+ Our trucks and generators can be only operated by Belfort Productions authorized staff.


Payments Terms:

+ Can be made through wire transfer, cash or check.



Belfort Productions Corp